AEA 2022 is part of the Women Advance 2022 programme dedicated to connecting the industry’s greatest minds, to influence, develop and engage aspiring women towards leadership, development, and inspiration throughout corporate and public enterprise in the energy sector.

Women in Africa have much to contribute to shaping the energy industry across the continent and it is vital to incorporate their insights, perspectives and experiences in the energy value chains. Their approach to leadership and decision-making can help broaden the discussions to develop further energy initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

All Energies Africa 2022 will introduce an interactive panel to convene, connect and put forward solutions towards building a diverse and inclusive energy industry and across all sectors.


For further information about the Women Advance series, to find out how you can get involved as a speaker, participant or ambassador, please contact: 

Faheem Chowdhury, Commercial Director
e: [email protected]
t: +971 58 969 5448